Caving – Mine Exploration


Venturing underground into the caves and caverns beneath the Peak District, you will realise the scenery underground is as beautiful as it is above. Discover the wonders of the natural processes that have formed our hidden environment, providing a unique atmosphere with underground rivers and fantastic cave formations like stalagmites and stalactites.

“I never wanted to go down a cave as the thought of it terrified me. However, whilst on a development programme my team had to go caving – Dave made this a really enjoyable experience for me, thanks for helping me to conquer a fear” Jennifer Nichols.

Mine Exploration

Lead mining has been going on in the Peak District since Roman Times. Exploring the Lead Mines is like going back in time, as they are packed full of history and interest. You can experience the conditions and the unique atmosphere that the miners used to work in only a century ago.

We strongly believe that, be it Caving or Mine Exploration, your trip should be an enjoyable and exciting experience, whilst keeping the safety of the group and the individual foremost.
Ideal for novices and the experienced alike
Trips can be made as challenging and adventurous as you require
Morning, afternoon or full day trips available
Can be combined with another activity for a mixed activity day
All equipment is provided
“We found Dave to be the ideal guide for my daughter’s first proper underground trip into a leadmine, he quickly gauged the abilities of the party and provided a trip and pace which was exactly what I wanted, challenging enough to keep the interest up but not too intimidating, we are looking forward to our next trip. Thanks” Alex and family.

We use a number of venues located in the Peak District:

Matlock Bath
Stoney Middleton