Development Training

Development Training

We design and deliver various development training programmes. These range from sessions for a day run completely outdoors to those lasting longer and incorporating some work indoors. We also design series of events over a period of time to allow for reflection and practice at work in between the outdoor sessions.
We provide learning events completely indoors.

We work with a range of employees from junior apprentices through to senior managers from a variety of organisations: university undergraduate and masters programmes students; people from the public, private and voluntary/charity sectors. We choose to work in a collaborative way. We spend time discussing the reasons why you want to use the outdoors and identifying your key success criteria. We use this information to “tailor-make” an event for you and your organisation (we do not have a standard “off the peg” package). We use the outdoors as the vehicle for whatever learning you have identified as needing developing. We run the event with skilled outdoor instructors and knowledgeable facilitators and will evaluate the event on the last activity. We will suggest follow up ideas to enable the “outdoor learning” to be embedded back in the workplace. We can come to your workplace to run half-day refresher events. We can conduct a post event evaluation exercise to meet your needs at an agreed time after the event.

We have used the outdoors to enable learning in the following areas:

  • Problem Solving / Decision making
  • Team Building
  • Communication Skills
  • Self-awareness / Self-development
  • Time management
  • Project Management
  • Change management
  • Negotiation / Conflict resolution
  • Increasing self-esteem and confidence

Jenny’s knowledge and enthusiasm for learning and development ensure that the facilitation of events is handled skilfully to enable participants to gain as much as possible for the event.

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